My research spans foundations of computer science, machine learning, and optimization: from approximability of NP-hard problems, to combinatorial, convex and non-convex optimization and sampling, to tackling algorithmic questions involving dynamical systems, stochastic processes and polynomials.

I am also broadly interested in understanding and addressing some of the key questions that arise in nature and society from the viewpoint of theoretical computer science. Here, my current focus is on natural algorithms, emergence of intelligence, and foundational questions around algorithmic fairness.

At Yale, I co-founded the Computation and Society Initiative.


Several open positions Ph.D./Postodc positions in theoretical computer science, machine learning, optimization, and algorithmic fairness are available. Please get in touch directly if you would be interested. For more see here.



      Laplacian Solvers
      Convex Optimization
      Geodesic Convex Optimization
      Spectral Algorithms via Approximation Theory  
      Real Stable Polynomials and their Applications to TCS


    Controlling Bias in AI

MEDIA and OUTREACH (AI and Society)

       Panelist in ICRC/IIT Delhi Initiative on Humanitarian Policy and Technology, 2019

       Round Table on the Governance of Decision Making Algorithms, IRGC, 2018

       Round Table on AI and Global Health at Wilton Park, 2018

       Our voting framework to be used in Valais elections, 2018

       Panelist in the Responsible Finance and Investment Summit, 2018

       Philanthropy Impact Roundtable on AI, 2018

       A demo of our algorithms to control bias in AI (work in progress)

       On our work on controlling polarization [video]

       On our algorithms to control bias

       An interview on Artificial Intelligence

       An interview on Algorithmic Bias

       A journalist's report of the workshop Computation, Science and Society that I co-organized


    Algorithms, Nature, and Society

    Off the Convex Path




    CURRENT      Professor of Computer Science, Yale

    ADJUNT      ICTS   IIT Goa   IIT Kanpur

    PAST           IIT Bombay    Georgia Tech    IBM Research    UC Berkeley
                     CNRS    Microsoft Research    Simons Inst.   EPF    IIT Delhi


       Best Technical Paper Award at ACM FAT*, 2019

       Invited Talk at ACO Alumni Colloquium, Georgia Tech, 2019

       Invited Talk at Workshop on Scaling Algorithms, FOCS 2018

       Recent PC: SODA 2020, COLT 2019, FAT* 2019, FSTTCS 2018, FOCS 2018, SODA 2018

       Invited Talk at Workshop on Optimization, Complexity and Invariant Theory, IAS 2018

       Chair of the workshop ``Computation and Society``, Lausanne 2018

       Organizing a session on ``Algorithmic Fairness and Optimization``, ISMP 2018

       Co-organizing a semester on Computational Aspects of Partition Functions  (CIB, Fall 2018)

       Invited talk at ICTS @ 10  (Bangalore, Jan 2018)

       Co-organizing a Workshop on Algorithms and Optimization at ICTS  (Bangalore, Jan 2018)

       Distinguished speaker colloquium at MPI  (Saarbrucken, Dec 2017)

       Presentation on Algorithmic Bias at the United Nations OHCHR  (Geneva, Nov 2017)

       Steering Com. Member of the DIMACS/Simons Collaboration on Bridging Cont. and Disc. Opt.  

       Co-organizing Workshop on Approximation Algorithms and Hardness  (Banff, Nov 2017)

       Invited talk at UIUC  (Champaign, Oct 2017)

       Invited talk at the Simons workshop on Fast Iterative Methods  (Berkeley, Oct 2017)

       Invited talk at the Simons workshop on Discrete Opt. via Cont. Relaxations  (Berkeley, Sep 2017)

       Invited talk in the Optimization Seminar at the Simons Institute  (Berkeley, Sep 2017)

       Invited talk at Google  (Mountain View, Sep 2017)

       Invited talk in the Optimization Seminar at the Simons Institute  (Berkeley, Sep 2017)

       Co-founded Computation, Nature and Society Think Tank  (Summer 2017)

       Invited Talk at Workshop on Learning Theory at FOCM 2017  (Barcelona, July 2017)

       Co-organizing Workshop on Algorithmic Aspects of Dynamical Systems  (Bellairs, Mar 2017)

       Co-organizing ``Computation, Sciences and Society``  (Mysore, Jan 2017)

       Plenary talk at ``Special Year on Complexity Theory and Cryptography``  (IISc, Jan 2017)

       Invited Talk at ITCS 2017  (Berkeley, Jan 2017)

       Invited talk at ``The Interface of Biology and TCS``  (Simons Center, NCBS, Dec 2016)

       Invited Talk at MIT Theory of Computation Colloquium  (Boston, Nov 22, 2016)

       Invited Talk at Columbia IEOR/CS  (New York, Nov 17, 2016)

       Invited Talk at Yale Applied Math Seminar  (New Haven, Nov 15, 2016)

       Invited talk at ``Probabilistic Structures in Deterministic Population Genetics``  (Vienna, Nov 2016)

       Invited Talk at FOCS 2016 Workshop on Orthogonal Polynomials  (Princeton, Oct, 2016) [slides]

       Invited talk at Discrete Optimization  (ETH Zurich, August 2016)

       Invited talk at 5th Mysore Park Workshop  (Mysore, August 2016)

       Invited talk at Algebraic and Spectral Graph Theory Workshop  (Banff, August 2016)

       Invited talk at ICML Workshop on Advances in Nonconvex Analysis and Optimization (June 2016)

       Invited talk at Computational Complexity Conference  (Tokyo, June 2016)

       Awarded the IIT Bombay Young Alumni Achiever Award for 2016  

       Public Lecture on Evolution and Computation  (Singapore, Feb 2016)

       Co-organizing Evolution and Computing (Dagstuhl, Jan 2016)

       Keynote talks at Computation and Optimization in the Sciences and Engg  (IIT Kanpur, Feb 2016)

       Invited talk at 2nd School on Population Genetics and Evolution  (Bangalore, Jan 2016)

       Distinguished speaker at 6th Cargese workshop on Combinatorial Optimization  [notes]

       Teaching Analytic Methods in CS, Fall 2015

       Organizing The Computational Universe (Lausanne, June 2015)


    EMAIL    nisheeth (dot) vishnoi (@) gmail (dot)  com