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Description about my iPad Application - Daily Travel
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Daily Travel Image1 Main page, you can use your current location as default to find things you can do around you.
Daily Travel Image2 It can show you a lot of beautiful images of each city you are travelling.
Daily Travel Image3 Now, we are in Chicago. This application also provides change-size feature.
Daily Travel Image4 Now, we can find all the restaurants, shopping malls, sights and places for fun on the map.
Daily Travel Image5 You can also find culture, sights and much more. This page is designed as newspaper.
Daily Travel Image6 Navigation can guide you to different categories very quickly.
Daily Travel Image7 You can also see a lot photos taken by visitors; Daily Travel also support several different languages.
Daily Travel Image8 You can also share a page on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites, or send it to Email.