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Description about my iPhone Application - The Beer Store
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Beer Stroe Image1 First page, you can search beer stores by keywords, or you can click on the circle icon to use your current location as center, and find top closest beer stores near you.
Beer Stroe Image2 If you search keyword "queen", it will show you all the related results.
Beer Stroe Image3 If you click on each beer store, it will show basic info of this store. For iPhone users, you can call this store directly by clicking on the phone number.
Beer Stroe Image4 It also shows you the business hours from Monday to Sunday, and if it is still open now.
Beer Stroe Image5 You can see this store on map.
Beer Stroe Image6 Each store also shows which brands it is selling.
Beer Stroe Image7 Besides searching for beer stores, you can also choose to search for brands.
Beer Stroe Image8 If you click on each brand, it will give you some basic info about this brand, including beer type, prices and so on.
Beer Stroe Image9 You can also check the prices.
Beer Stroe Image10 You can also find out all the stores that have this brand.
Beer Stroe Image11 You can also find out all the beer stores near a particular location on map.
Beer Stroe Image12 For your future use, it is easy to add to your favourite.